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Welcome to the “Richland Township Fire and Rescue” website, RTFR has been providing fire protection as a unit since 2009 and we have a full dedicated department of men and women that takes pride in their ability to provide the residents of Richland Township with the service that they have come to expected.
The Richland Township Fire and Rescue deparment will protect the lives and property of the residents of Richland Township, from injury or damage from fire or other catastrophes, and to foster and promote the general welfare of the community we serve.
















Protecting the citizens of Richland Township



Department meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Fire Station located at 416 E. Furnace.

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Badges 4 Bandages

Badges 4 Bandages is a county wide fundraising project that tries to help offset some of the financial burdens families have when their children 17 years of age or younger are afflicted by ongoing illness or injury. This project is sponsored by your local police, fire, and EMS departments. Tickets are on sale for a Limited Edition Mathew's Compound Bow. These tickets will also be available at Bloomfield, Lyons, Linton, and Worthington Police Departments and Eastern, Center, and Bloomfield Fire Departments. As well as Greene County Ambulance service Bloomfield Station.